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Our floor preparation technicians use concrete grinders to repair, level and remove deviations in the concrete as well as remove glue, paint and inconsistencies so a smooth, flat and clean surface can be utilised. Designer Floors provide this as standard with all polished concrete flooring options. We can also provide concrete grinding as a standalone service to restore your floors and prepare them for an alternative flooring installation.


What is concrete grinding?

Concrete grinding is the use of an abrasive tool, that cuts the top layer of concrete in order to remove imperfections and leave a smooth finish. In situations where concrete surfaces are not levelled, are extremely scratched or are covered in paint, epoxies or glue we can hone the concrete to an acceptable state.


Expert Solutions for Any Concrete Surface in Perth.

At Designer Floors we can hone any concrete surface, including:



The preparation of concrete countertops involves a meticulous process of concrete grinding and polishing. This starts with coarse grits to shape and smooth the surface, followed by finer grits to achieve the desired level of smoothness and shine. Concrete countertops require a fine finish, as they are often a focal point in kitchens and bathrooms. The level of honing is crucial for aesthetic appeal and functional use, ensuring the surface is smooth for food preparation and resistant to stains and scratches. In some cases, sealing the concrete can be an additional step, providing extra protection against moisture and stains.


Alfresco Areas:

Preparation for alfresco areas usually involves more aggressive concrete grinding to level the concrete, as outdoor surfaces can be uneven due to exposure to elements. Once levelled, the surface can be honed to the desired finish. Optional finishes might include adding a non-slip coating or integrating decorative elements like stencilling or colour into the concrete for enhanced visual appeal.


Commercial Properties:

The process here may vary widely depending on the type of commercial property. It generally includes levelling the floor, repairing any damage, and then honing to the desired level of smoothness. Commercial properties may like to prioritise durability and maintenance over purely aesthetic concerns. The preparation process must take into account the high foot traffic and potential for heavy use. For some commercial spaces, especially in retail or hospitality, a high-gloss finish might be preferred for aesthetic reasons, while industrial spaces might opt for a more basic, functional finish.


Other Home Applications:

This can include a variety of techniques depending on the room and usage. Bedrooms might require a different level of smoothness compared to a living room or garage. In residential settings, the balance between aesthetics, comfort, and practicality is key. Each room may have different requirements based on its use. Additional treatments like stains or dyes can be used to match interior design elements, and different sealing options can provide varying levels of gloss and protection.

Whether you’re preparing your floor for tiles, carpet or hardwood or are looking for a stylish polished concrete look, Designer Floors is fully qualified to carry out this entire process.


Why choose Designer Floors?

Our service and dedication to our clients is why so many Perth businesses have entrusted us with transforming their floors into designer floors.

As Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR contractors, we uphold their reputable image and outstanding quality with every floor that we finish. Get in touch with Designer Floors for a free concrete grinding quote today.

Advanced Tools for Concrete Grinding and Floor Preparation

At Designer floors we use a range of trusted Husqvarna tools in combination with advanced diamond polishing attachments to deliver a smooth finish every time. Our grinders use multi-directional dual drive technology to ensure your flooring is ready on time and in budget. Our machinery also uses vacuum enabled waste management to remove waste efficiently and assist with clean-up.



Model:  Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR PG 680 RC

Grinding Width 680mm
Number of Disks 3
Input Power 13kW
Phases 3ph
Disc Diameter 230mm
Disk Speed 300-1200RPM
Max Grinding Pressure 275kg


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“I was taken back by the finish, service and professionalism of the Designer Floor team.
Paul transformed the stained, cold and ugly concrete floor at my workplace in Daglish into a proud feature of the office. Clients come in everyday making comments on how the floor has transformed the space into a friendly, creative and interesting office.” – Glenn Langridge


“My husband and I just moved into our home, our polished concrete is fantastic. We booked with Paul 9 months ago. This is the second home we have built and third we have owed and renovated, Paul is so professional and diplomatic , our floor was heavily cracked , Paul did an amazing job some of the best work man ship we have seen in trades while building over the years.” – Tane and Amber Edwards




What is concrete grinding?

Concrete grinding smoothes and levels concrete surfaces using abrasive grinding tools. It removes imperfections, stains, and coatings to prepare floors for finishing or new flooring installations.


How long does concrete grinding take?

The time it takes can vary depending on the size of the area and the condition of the concrete. For most residential projects, concrete grinding takes 3-5 days. Larger commercial projects may take longer.


Will concrete grinding remove stains or marks?

Concrete grinding can remove many stains and marks from the surface, but may not remove all deeply embedded stains. It will produce a smooth, even surface.



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