Do you polish any concrete?

Yes! At Designer Floors we polish ANY concrete surface. This means that any pre-existing concrete surface can be polished to your desired exposure and finish!

Do you lay and supply concrete?

No, we do not lay or supply the concrete but can help you through the decisions and choices from planning to finish and also refer you to some reputable concrete laying companies.

Colours and stones in Polished Concrete?

Colours and variety of aggregate/stones are chosen at time of planning from the concrete supply companies like Boral, BGC, Holcim and Hanson.

How much does Polished Concrete cost?

Polished Concrete is very competitive in pricing compared to tiles, vinyl and other hard floor options. The price can vary depending on the condition of slab, m2 and the finish you require but we guarantee we can give you one of the best prices in WA.

What stage during a build do you do Polished Concrete?

Preferably before cabinetry and skirting has been installed but majority of our jobs are done after hand over so we will work with your building company or yourself for a time that is suitable.

Can my existing concrete be transformed to Polished Concrete?

Yes most existing concrete floors can be polished to the required finish. Learn more on our blog “Can I have Polished Concrete?”.

Can you repair cracks in the concrete?

Majority of cracks that are in the concrete prior to polishing disappear or become hardly noticeable during our grouting process. See our floor preparation page for more.

Is polished concrete cold?

Polished Concrete is no colder than tiles and many testimonials claim that due to Polished Concrete being recognised as a sustainable and ‘green’ building product the thermal mass naturally draws its temperature from the ground rather than the outside so it tends to be warmer than tiles in winter and cooler than tiles in summer. We discuss this and other benefits in an article “Myth Busters: Polished Concrete Flooring” and  “Polished Concrete – 6 Reasons You Need It”.

Is polished concrete slippery?

No more than other hard flooring surfaces such as vinyl, lino, marble or tiles. We recommend any water or liquid spills to be cleaned up as soon as possible for prevention.

Can I have Polished Concrete in wet areas?

Yes, but usually only if those wet areas eg bathroom, laundry, toilet have been laid for polished concrete as most standard houses have screeds instead of concrete.

Is there much mess during or after the polished concrete process?

No, we have high-grade dust extractors so there is only minimal dust and we clean the area after the process.

What is the difference between topical/surface sealers and penetrating sealers?

Unlike topical/surface sealers that are applied on top of the concrete leaving a film that will scratch, wear and discolour, penetrating sealers work by penetrating the concrete providing a more natural hard wearing finish.

Can you do Polished Concrete outdoors?

Yes, for outdoors we offer Honed Polished Concrete designed for the outdoor environment. With its high durability and smooth finish, it is suitable for driveways, alfresco, garages and pathways. The characteristics of Honed Polished Concrete make it pet and family friendly. See the applications on our polished concrete page.

How do I care for and maintain my Polished Concrete?

Polished Concrete is low maintenance. All is that is required is sweeping with a dry micro-fibre dust mop to remove dust plus a mop with warm water and a ph neutral all-purpose cleaner. Also to prevent staining clean spills immediately after they occur, especially if they are acidic liquids, such as orange juice, or penetrating liquids, such as oil or wine.

Benefits of Polished Concrete?

Why HiPERFLOOR Polished Concrete?

There is a lot of non-genuine polished concrete finishes out there and unless you know exactly what a true polished concrete process is, it can be overwhelming and confusing on making the right choice. With a HiPERFLOOR Certified Contractor you know you are getting a genuine HiPERFLOOR Polished Concrete that will withstand all others.


Looking for more information? Head over to our blog for a more in depth look at our Polished Concrete Floors.