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Understanding the Versatility of Polished Concrete Floors

What makes polished concrete one of the best hospitality flooring solutions is simple: It offers an unrivalled balance between functionality and stylish aesthetics.

Concrete is inherently hardy and is used widely throughout the construction industry for exactly that reason. When it comes to hospitality–whether you’re operating a neighbourhood cafe or a glitzy hotel–you’ll want a flooring solution that can keep up with the demands of your business and stay functional and fashionable for long into the future.

But it’s not all about function. Polished concrete brings with it a sleek appearance and refined aesthetic that is perfectly suited to lobbies, restaurant floors, and business corridors. With plenty of opportunity to customise the look and even feel of your polished concrete, this hospitality and leisure flooring solution allows you to achieve the right complementary style for your business without having to sacrifice its practicality.

Polished Concrete: The Perfect Commercial Flooring for the Hospitality Industry

Polished Concrete Floors in Cafes

Some business owners are initially hesitant to consider concrete floors, fearing that it will give their business an industrial, cold aesthetic. However, polished floors can achieve the exact opposite! You can choose the colour and sheen that works for your design preference and achieve a warm, welcoming style. Check out our range of polished concrete finishes and aggregate exposure levels.

When it comes to cafes, you’ll want a flooring solution that entices passers-by and regulars alike to stop by for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat–and polished flooring is a great way to enhance the overall appearance of your establishment.

There is another benefit as well. The large number of customers walking through your cafe means your flooring solution needs to be highly durable to withstand the heavy foot traffic. Polished concrete floors make maintaining and cleaning your cafe’s floor easy and simple. Polished concrete flooring solutions offer both: Hardiness to cope with the customers streaming through your doors and easy cleaning solutions to keep your cafe looking spotless.

polished concrete floors for hospitality

Polished Concrete Floors in Clubs

From cafes to clubs, concrete is perfect for hospitality flooring. When considering the right flooring for your establishment, you’ll want something that can contribute to the energetic atmosphere and vibrant ambiance you’re going for. Polished concrete, with its myriad of options in terms of colour, design and sheen, can provide exactly that.

Choosing the right type and look of concrete to match the rest of your club is easy. There’s a range of customisable finishes to help create the unique look you’re after and the aesthetic that will elevate the entire club around it.

Like in a cafe, you’ll benefit from the hardy nature and easy-to-clean properties of concrete. But it’s even more practical than just that! Polished concrete can be installed with slip-resistant properties so you can ensure the safety of your patrons on the dance floor and reduce the risk of drink spillages posing a hazard for your customers.


Polished Concrete Floors in Restaurants

Being adaptable for both the cosiness of cafes and the energy of clubs is just the beginning, polished concrete reigns supreme even in the world of restaurants. This unique flooring solution can be used to complement various restaurant themes and match the general ambiance you’re after.

Designer Floors recently revitalised a Perth pizza restaurant with a polished concrete floor that blends rustic charm with modern elegance. This flooring option not only modernised the restaurant’s look but also makes for a long-lasting, durable floor with minimal upkeep.

You can view more of our recent hospitality projects in our gallery.

It doesn’t matter where you’re opting for a rustic aesthetic or a contemporary design, stain-resistant, visually appealing polished concrete can be designed to suit a host of different restaurant styles.

There are also hygienic reasons why polished concrete is a smart choice of hospitality flooring. Maintaining cleanliness in a restaurant’s dining area (and kitchen) is of paramount health importance. With polished concrete, simple and effective cleaning is easy and allows your staff to maintain strict hygiene levels.


Polished Concrete Floors in Pubs and Bars

Among the many hospitality and leisure flooring solutions, there’s no wonder why more pubs and bars are prioritising polished concrete.

For one, the versatility in aesthetic allows even themed bars to match their flooring choice with their overall interior design aesthetic: Cosy and welcoming or hip and modern, polished concrete flooring can suit them all.

The low maintenance requirements of polished concrete not only allow pub owners to focus on serving their customers, but also means that the inevitable spilled drinks and other liquid exposure can be quickly and easily cleaned up.

Even financially, concrete floors have proved their longevity and thus their return on investment. As a cost-effective flooring option, bar and pub owners are increasingly looking at polished concrete as an optimal flooring solution.

polished concrete floors for bar

Designer Floors – for all your hospitality flooring solutions

Versatile, durable, visually appealing… No matter what the venue, polished concrete is the perfect material choice for flooring for the hospitality industry.

With over 60 five-star reviews on Google attesting to our personalised, professional service, there’s no one better in Perth to help you find and install the perfect flooring for your hospitality space than Designer Floors.

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