Polished Concrete Flooring – 6 Reasons You Need It

There are plenty of reasons to choose polished concrete flooring, whatever your space or however you use it. Instantly some benefits come to mind, like how visually appealing polished concrete flooring is, but we’re digging a bit deeper in this article. Here are six reasons to choose polished concrete flooring.


1. Aesthetically Impressive

As soon as you walk into a space you will notice an impressive surface. It could be a stunning window view or beautiful high ceilings. But imagine seeing people walk into your home or business and gasp as they look down, their gaze glued to the polished concrete floor. You’ll have to get used to it because people will keep noticing and mentioning how good the floor looks and how they wish they had it too!


2. Lengthened Lifespan

Alternate flooring systems cannot compare to the super long lifespan of a polished concrete floor. Its durability is unmatched when compared to tiles, carpets, floorboards, or synthetics. Concrete is already very hardwearing and the polishing process further strengthens and seals the floor.


3. Feng-Shui Flooring

Ok, feng-shui might be a stretch but everyone wants a flowing room layout. Plus we can all be fickle at times and just want to change things up for change’s sake. With a super smooth floor you can rearrange your furniture like a pro. Don’t sweat it out, set it up to slide! Simply stick floor protector felt pads to the feet of your furniture pieces and they will glide across the polished concrete finish.


4. Light and Bright

Just like a fresh coat of white paint will lighten the walls and the room, polished concrete floors will also effectively reflect light and notably brighten the room. Natural light, light from lamps and overhead globes will reflect off the polished surface and lift the ambiance of the entire space. Concrete is anything but dull when it’s polished by a professional.


5. Far-out Floor Uses

Having a polished concrete floor can have some fun activity advantages. You could stick some thumbtacks to the soles of your shoes and practise tap dancing. Fancy photography? Your beautiful concrete floor could become the backdrop. And if your young children enjoy building with blocks or Lego they’ll have the perfect foundation on which to build their concrete jungle.


6. Easy Maintenance

Every product spilled or spread on the polished surface will remain separated from the concrete. The spill won’t instantly sink into the floor, like it would on carpet for example. Clean it up quickly and easily to and get back to what you were doing. In this way polished concrete is easy to maintain and simple to keep it looking as good as the day it was finished.


The surface speaks for itself. The most durable, easiest to clean flooring choice is polished concrete. Plus it looks fantastic. If you would like to learn more about polished concrete flooring options speak to our friendly team at Designer Floors. We would love to help you to create the best possible living and working spaces.