Removing stains from your concrete surface

Accidents happen. But dealing with the potential stains from accidents across your honed and polished concrete flooring can be easier than you’d expect. In this article we’ll help you discover how best to remove stains from a concrete surface.

Benefit of Honed and Polished Concrete

Both honed and polished concrete surfaces are easier to clean and keep clean than many other types of floorings. The reason for this is because of its smooth and non-porous surface. With no crevices, grout lines or other areas in which dirt and/or debris can get stuck and accumulate, it is less likely to appear as stained as other floorings.

When it comes to liquids and spills, this makes it far easier to clean up messes before or without causing a long-term stain.

How to Remove Stains from Concrete Surfaces

If, however, your concrete flooring does become stained, there are certain best practices you should follow to avoid further damage. Remember: That different types of stains should be approached in different ways.

Oil and Grease

Oil and grease stains can be quite stubborn and prove relatively difficult. Using a highly absorbent cleaner, such as cat litter, can be a great way to soak up the oil and crease. After letting it sit for a few hours, simply sweep it up. Alternatively, without access to litter, simply use detergent and water with a nylon brush or–if it calls for it–a high pressure hose wash.


Simple water and detergent can be highly effective in cleaning dirt from concrete. Of course, you might need more power for particularly stubborn or long-term staining. One thing to remember is that wire brushes can damage concrete surfaces, so use softer and less abrasive brushes when cleaning.

Chewing Gum

To remove chewing gum and its staining, first place ice on it so that it will become brittle and less sticky. Once that happens, you can scrape off the top layer and use a poultice with methylated spirits afterwards. Always wash the area with warm and soapy water afterwards, before rinsing it down.

Drink Stains

Always blot up as much of the spilled drink as possible and rinse the area with water. If a stain still manifests, you can use household cleaners or even white vinegar to create a cleaning solution. Using a brush with stiff bristles, scrub the stain softly and then rinse the area with clean water.

Bird Droppings and Pet Stains

All you need to clean both bird droppings and pet stains from honed and polished concrete is a solution of liquid dishwashing detergent, baking soda and water. Using a soft brush with the solution, work away at the stain. Then rinse down the area.


Fungus can leave quite a bit of a stain. Use chlorine bleach when scrubbing at the rinsed down surface. Let the bleach sit for a while before coming back to rinse it thoroughly, preferably with a high-pressure hose. For particularly stubborn stains, you can use sugar soap after you’ve finished the area. After using the sugar, make sure to pressure wash the concrete again.


Rust stains can be moved with anything from simple lemon juice or vinegar to commercial rust removal solutions. Always leave the solution applied for around 20 minutes, and then scrub away at the stain with a hard-bristled brush, remembering to rinse the area down afterwards.


Dry paint should first be scraped off as much as possible, with a commercial removal solution used afterwards. The solution should be left for a bit before the entire area is washed down with warm water. If some paint remains, using another abrasive cleaning powder might be necessary.

For wet paint, make sure to soak up as much paint from the top as possible. Avoid wiping or rubbing as this is likely to just spread both the paint and the staining further. Use a blotting motion with a paper towel or a highly absorbent hand towel.


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