Polished Concrete Flooring – 6 More Reasons To Choose It

In a previous blog post we discussed 6 great reasons to choose polished concrete floors but if that wasn’t enough for you we’re back with six more! Yes, as you can tell, we’re pretty wrapped with polished concrete floors and we love to see spaces transformed when the concrete floors are honed to reveal their hidden beauty. Beyond looking great, polished concrete floors have other benefits so here’s a bunch to think about.


1. Cost Effective

Decorative concrete in the form of polished floors has become the logical choice for homeowners and businesses alike because of the great value it delivers. No additional floor coverings are needed when you choose to polish the existing concrete. In the long run you keep saving money on maintenance. The concrete is so durable that it’s much less vulnerable to damage than tiles, carpets or floorboards that all need repairing or replacing over time.


2. Little Downtime

The honing and polishing process does not use any harmful chemicals so you can continue to live and work in your space while your floors are being polished. Don’t put up with being kicked out of your home or workplace for days. Stay and enjoy the process, you’ll be amazed at how rooms are transformed.


3. Environmentally Friendly

Because the polishing process uses no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), it is safe for you and for the environment. There are no coatings applied, such as epoxies, urethanes, or waxes. There are also no additional coverings, like carpets or synthetics, being produced and consumed so polished concrete is an environmentally sustainable option too. A stunning polished concrete finish is a great choice for your floors and for the earth!


4. Easy Care

Easy to vacuum or sweep with a broom, no grout to get dirty as is the case with tiled floors, and only requiring weekly mopping with soapy water, polished concrete floors are low maintenance. We still recommend installing a skirting board to compliment your polished concrete floor. You may think this is not necessary but the skirting board will assist you in cleaning and your mop won’t brush against your walls but against a well-sealed join between floor and board. Plus it will make your choice of interior fit-out look complete and intentional.


5. Allergies Ended

With no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the construction process, polished concrete won’t cause allergy sufferers any reaction. Indoor air quality is noticeably improved when compared to the same room with older carpets. Cleaning is easy and dust has nowhere to collect.


6. Toughest Strength

More durable than virtually any alternate flooring system, polished concrete has a super long lifespan. Concrete is already very hardwearing and the polishing process further strengthens and seals the floor. The surface is suitable for the toughest jobs and can be driven over by plant equipment and machinery.



Plus you get to deal with us!

When you choose Designer Floors to hone and polish your concrete floors you choose a friendly team of industry experts. We are able to provide design advice and personally manage your project from start to finish. You’ll always have someone to call if you have questions along the way and we’ll only be happy when you are.


Put Designer Floors to the test. Get us out for a free quote and we will even polish a sample section of your floor to show you how good the finished product will look – then the informed choice is up to you.