Polished concrete flooring: The perfect solution for homes with respiratory issue sufferers


Why is polished concrete flooring the perfect solution for homes with respiratory issue sufferers?

We already know that polished concrete floors are the perfect flooring option for the family home and for families with kids, but did you know that it is the ideal flooring solution for homes with asthma and allergy sufferers. Polished concrete floors are the new trend that’s taking over. Read on to find out how they’re an ideal solution in combating symptoms of hay fever, asthma and allergies.

Hay fever and allergic reactions happen as a result of a number of environmental factors, like dust mites, pollen, grass, mold spores and more, unfortunately it occurs all year round. Asthma is respiratory condition where the lungs can’t get air caused by an inflammatory reaction to a number of triggers (like the ones mentioned previously). Each individual has different environmental triggers and so minimising total exposure can reduce the risk of having an attack.


Why can polished concrete floors minimise exposure to such triggers?


  1. Polished Concrete Floors are Hypoallergenic

Having a hypoallergenic floor means that they won’t trap allergens, dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria or moisture. This means that none of these will be present in the polished concrete flooring around the entire house.

When we look at other floors such as wooden, carpeted or tiled we can see that harmful pathogens can become trapped. For example, bacteria, moisture and mold can track on the bottom of your shoes and then embed in your carpet and in the grout of your tiles. Wooden floors can become saturated and crack allowing tiny pathogens to live within the surface. Polished concrete floors are a fantastic alternative if the home has any allergy, hay fever or asthma sufferers.


  1. Polished Concrete Floors are super easy to clean

Concrete floors are extremely easy to clean! They are stain resistant and require only a simple wipe with a microfiber cloth. Gone are the days of mopping once a week and forking out extra cash for stain remover products. They’re the ideal solution for a growing family, and even a family on a budget.

The floors don’t need to be cleaned with harsh chemicals meaning that people suffering from asthma will not have to worry about chemicals triggering an attack. Having the floors simple and easy to clean means that dirt and grime won’t build up and trigger an attack either (victory!).


  1. Polished Concrete Floors have mystical thermal qualities

Okay, not ‘mystical’ but pretty amazing. The thermal mass and associated qualities of polished concrete floors mean they absorb heat during the day, and then slowly release this warmth for hours to come. During summer days they keep your home cool, and on those cooler days they keep your home a comfortable, controlled temperature.

A common trigger of asthma, in particular, is cold air and cold environments. A common misconception of concrete flooring is that they are icy cold, when in fact their thermal mass stores and releases heat. It is no doubt that the Perth weather can be both extremely hot and extremely cold, so having concrete floors that store heat and regulate the indoor temperature is an ideal solution in combatting the environmental trigger.


  1. Polished Concrete Floors are a quick and simple process

If you’re reading this and thinking “This sounds fantastic! How can I start the process?” Our 3 step process is a simple and quick solution, meaning that you can minimise your asthma, hay fever and allergy triggers as soon as possible!