Polished Concrete Floors and Children: The Perfect Partnership


Polished concrete is the ideal flooring solution for your family and children. How you ask? They are a stylish, durable and distinctive flooring option, and come with a ton of benefits and advantages for your growing family. Our concrete floors can be displayed in existing homes, or future homes. The choice is yours. Still not convinced? Read on…

Polished Concrete Flooring enhancing your family lifestyle

Shot of a mother and father playing with their two sons in their bedroom


Scratch Resistant
Your floors are obviously going to get a beating given the nature. However, if they were scratch resistant you wouldn’t have to worry about scuffing them with leather shoes, scratching them with heels, or dragging furniture around when re-styling. Our polished concrete floors are scratch and stain resistant making them the perfect choice for your family home!



Cropped shot of a small girl sitting on a floor and using her inhaler

Polished concrete floors are hypoallergenic and won’t trap allergens, dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria or moisture, making them the perfect flooring solution for homes with allergy sufferers and people with asthma, or other respiratory issues. Australia actually has some of the highest rates of asthma in the world. Polished concrete flooring is an affordable and effective way to reduce the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory issues. Families around Perth have been praising concrete floors for this precise reason.



Low Maintenance
When you’re busy with life and raising a family the last thing you want to be thinking about is cleaning and maintaining your floors. A huge pain of having carpets are the spills they endure which then turn into life long stains… Having polished concrete flooring means you don’t have to fork out extra money get the carpet cleaners in every 6 months.

To clean the polished concrete all you’ll need is a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth and voilà, no more weekly mopping. HALLELUJAH!

Spills are just as easy to quickly wipe up, we know that children can be messy, often spilling food, drinks and not to mention the new family puppy that isn’t toilet trained just yet. Polished Concrete flooring is the ideal solution for the family home.


two naughty puppies looking sorry for themselves










Polished Concrete: Child’s Play
Aside from the floor being a completely safe and hygienic place for your kids to play on there is an added extra. The classic sport of putting your socks on and sliding down the hall is well and truly a benefit of polished concrete flooring. The smooth and shiny surface is the perfect stage for this childhood favorite. This isn’t even restricted to just the kids!


Polished Concrete: The Budget Buster
A very welcoming prospect for Perth families is the idea of saving some money. The idea of lowering your electricity bill is a wonderful thought. Concrete flooring has thermal qualities that make it perfect for effective heating and cooling. When choosing the color of the concrete we see that the lighter the floor the lighter it makes the room, reducing the need for lighting and increasing natural lighting effects.


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