Polished Concrete vs Hardwood Floor

Indoor concrete flooring is becoming more common and polished concrete professionals can tell you that this kind of flooring is very easy to care for overall. Polishing concrete floors makes them beautiful and this durable flooring type can stand up to a lot of wear and tear while still looking great.
If you are tossing up between choosing polished concrete or hardwood floors, read on. There are many reasons why both kinds of flooring could be the right choice for your needs, and you should make an informed decision before you make any changes in your home or business.

Polished Concrete vs Hardwood Floor


Polished concrete is always going to be more durable than wood. It repels moisture and resists stains and cannot be readily damaged by high traffic or sunlight exposure. You will find that scuffs, scratches, and divots are not common when you have concrete flooring installed in your home. If your concrete flooring was installed properly and allowed to cure fully, you should never have any issues with cosmetic or major damage to your concrete flooring. Hardwood flooring will always need much more upkeep because it is not as durable as polished concrete flooring.
Hardwood flooring can last many years but it will be much more likely to show wear and tear and need annual upkeep to stay beautiful. Scuffs, scratches, dings, and divots are a normal part of an ageing hardwood floor and you will find that stains and other damage are hard to repair if your hardwood floor has been challenged in these ways.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Concrete may need to be resealed every other year and just needs simple mopping and sweeping to stay beautiful. Hardwood floors are very high maintenance and need to be swept, mopped, sealed, and treated to be waterproof on a regular basis. Concrete flooring should only need care every other year or so and the rest of the upkeep will just be keeping your home clean and comfortable. Hardwood flooring can get damaged through daily use as well as through contact with water or incorrect cleaning processes and materials.


Concrete flooring can be just as beautiful and glossy as wooden flooring. Wooden flooring can come in many designs and styles, but concrete can also be poured and then sealed with different kinds of colourful coatings. Some of them even imitate the look of wooden floors!
Polished concrete flooring is uniform and simple and looks very nice when sealed with a glossy sealant. Concrete flooring will not always look like wooden flooring, but it can be just as beautiful in its own right.


Many people are surprised that concrete flooring is so comfortable and soft beneath your feet. It will also absorb heat from the sun, making gentle warmth radiating from the flooring normal when you have sunny days. You will find that standing for long periods on concrete might not be ideal, but otherwise, concrete flooring is a very comfortable flooring choice.
Hardwood flooring has a soft and homey feeling beneath your feet and many people feel that there is no comparison when looking at wooden floors versus concrete floors for overall comfort. Wooden flooring will not absorb the warmth from the sun in the same way, however, or stay cool to the touch during hot months of the year.

Which Flooring is the Best Choice to Make?

While hardwood flooring is very beautiful and can make your home look wonderful, in many ways, polished concrete flooring is a much more cost-effective and comfortable option to choose for your flooring needs. You will need to do far less upkeep on concrete flooring and you will be amazed at how shiny and beautiful it can be once it has been installed.

Hardwood flooring might still be your preference, but you should be aware that you will have to do much more upkeep on this kind of flooring over the life of your home and you may have to replace segments of the flooring if the wood gets wet or you have an issue with a water leak or some other challenge in your home that you did not expect.

Planning to care for concrete flooring is very easy and is mostly related to making sure that it gets resealed as needed. If you need help with your concrete flooring installation or upkeep, contact us! We can take care of all of your concrete flooring needs, big and small.