The top five benefits of choosing a honed concrete driveway

When most people think about honed or polished concrete, they tend to picture indoor surfaces. From stylish floors to sleek benchtops, its durability and beauty makes it the perfect designer finish. However, polished concrete doesn’t need to be kept indoors.

As one of the most hardwearing and cost-effective materials available, outdoor polished concrete is always a great option. While it can be used for everything from pathways to patios and pool areas, its driveways that best show off its strengths.

Here are five reasons you should choose honed polished concrete for your driveway:


  1. Honed polished concrete is timeless

Honed polished concrete is a great aesthetic choice. It combines the visible strength of concrete with the crisp refinement of a polished finish. This is a particularly luxe combination for a driveway, as they often look fairly rough or unfinished.

The exact look can also be customised to suit your personal taste and the style of your home. The concrete can be tinted a wide variety of colours and a feature aggregate can be added and exposed. You can also choose from a matte, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish.


  1. Honed polished concrete is durable

Honed polished concrete is widely considered one of the most hardwearing options available on the market. The grinding and polishing process endured increases its strength and density and can therefore easily withstand the punishment of heavy daily use.

Honed polished concrete can also hold up under the weight of a vehicle and will not be worn down by foot traffic or tyre treads. If laid and treated correctly by a professional, it should also stand the test of time.


  1. Honed polished concrete is very affordable

One of the main reasons concrete is such a popular choice for driveways is because it’s an achievable investment. The material cost is much lower than alternatives on the market (crushed stones, pavers, etc.) and it’s usually less cumbersome to install. While it will cost you more to have your outdoor concrete polished, the added visual appeal is definitely worth it. The durability of honed polished concrete means it can also be more cost-effective in the long-run. 


  1. Honed polished concrete is low-maintenance

As you would expect from such a hardwearing material, honed polished concrete requires minimal maintenance. There are minimal ongoing maintenance costs, and you won’t have to pay to have your concrete replaced or resurfaced every couple of years – winning!

Keeping your honed polished concrete clean couldn’t be easier. The smooth surface means that a regular sweep should keep most dust and dirt off at bay. You can also wash it down with a high-pressure hose to remove residual grime and get it shining like new again.

To keep it looking its best, you should consider a reseal every few years. Resealing your honed polished concrete will aid the resistance to stains and marks.


  1. Honed polished concrete won’t fade

In Australia, we are known for our extremely hot weather, which is notorious for being able to wear down most concrete materials. Fading is particularly an issue as our harsh sun quickly drains the colour from most synthetic finishes.

However, as outdoor polished concrete gets its colour from natural sources (i.e. the colour of the cement, the colour of the aggregate stone, etc.), it won’t fade. Even if you choose to add a tint to your honed polished concrete, it will usually stand up to the Summer sunshine. This means that your driveway should continue to look great, year after year, with minimal maintenance.


Considering honed polished concrete for your driveway?

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