Myth Busters: Polished Concrete Flooring



People are always talking about polished concrete flooring without knowing the facts. There are many common myths associated with concrete flooring and you may have heard people say some of these:


“Polished Concrete Floors are overly expensive”

This common myth associated with concrete flooring is often that their luxurious look comes with a luxurious price tag. Although the initial cost of installation and set up may be higher than any other hard flooring solution the long-term maintenance cost significantly reduces the overall outgoings. Concrete floors are much easier to maintain than any other flooring solution. They still need wipes with PH balanced cleaners and regular sweeping to remove surface dirt, but won’t require deep cleans or specialised grout cleaning devices!


“Polished Concrete Floors are colder than Antarctica”

Let’s be honest, this is the biggest myth associated with concrete floors. What is not known is that they have thermal qualities that make them perfect for effective heating and cooling. The thermal mass of concrete floors means that they will absorb heat during the day, through sun exposure, and then release it at night when the temperature drops. They’re perfect for the Perth climate.


“Concrete Floors look dull and grey”

Consider this myth BUSTED. Polished Concrete Floors can be installed to whatever preference you like. You can customize the level of exposure from industrial to premium as well as specifying the overall finish. Our process involves three simple steps that use the Husqvarna machine to produce stunning results.


outdoor honed polished concrete













“Polished Concrete Floors are only for outdoors”

It is quite common for concrete floors to be an outdoor feature, however it is fast becoming the hard flooring option of choice for Perth residential and commercial properties. Polished concrete flooring is a stylish and durable solution that results in various benefits making them perfect for the family home.


“Polished Concrete Floors can trigger my allergies”

The Designer Floors construction process does not produce any Volatile Organic Compound’s (VOC’s). Simply, this means that installing polished concrete won’t trigger allergy sufferers. Long term, they are actually the best flooring solution for allergy and respiratory issue sufferers because they are hypoallergenic, meaning that they won’t trap allergens, dust mites, bacteria or any moisture.



Is Polished Concrete Right For Me?

If you’re considering various flooring options and would like to know more about Polished Concrete Flooring our team at Designer Floors would love to help.

Contact us today for a free measure and quote and to discuss which style of polished concrete is the best solution for you.