Polished Concrete Flooring For Your Home: Practical Home Benefits


Polished Concrete Floors are an extremely practical flooring choice. Not convinced? Continue reading about the many features that qualify concrete flooring as the ideal home flooring option.


Low Cost

Polished concrete is renowned for being an affordable flooring option for Perth families. This trendy and up and coming look doesn’t come with a massive price tag, we busted that myth in this blog! Our Hiperguard Acrylic Polished Concrete option is designed to give the luxurious look of premium polished concrete at a lower cost. Choosing polished concrete as your flooring option can also save you money in the long run. Its durability and low maintenance make it a cost-effective investment that will last for years to come. Unlike other flooring options that may require constant upkeep and replacement, polished concrete only needs occasional cleaning and resealing to maintain its appearance.

It is always best to plan ahead, so if you think you want to have concrete flooring communicate this to your home builder. This is to allow time for the floor preparation process as well as reduce any time inefficiencies, for example asking for polished concrete floors after the skirting and cabinets have been installed can result in added costs.


Peronalised Look

One of the significant advantages of polished concrete is its versatility and customisability. With polished concrete, you can choose the level of shine that works best for you. Do you prefer a high-gloss finish, or do you prefer a more subtle matte finish? You can opt for larger or smaller aggregates to create a unique texture and visual interest in the concrete. You can personalise the stone mix and add pigment to colour the concrete for a bespoke finish. This means that you can match the concrete to the existing colour scheme of your home. Polished concrete can be tailored to your specific taste and preferences, allowing you to achieve the perfect look for your space.



Possibly the best reason to have polished concrete floors would be the durable, hardwearing and long-lasting qualities. Polished concrete is therefore the best solution for areas with high foot traffic and for homes with a busy family life. The practical features that come with this hard flooring option are incomparable. Designer Floors are Perth’s Husqvarna Certified Contractors, the Husqvarna Hiperfloor machine enhances the beauty, strength and resistance of the concrete floors. Making it the ideal flooring option for your home.


Low Maintenance

Say goodbye to the prospect of cleaning hard wood floors and say hello to the easy alternative, with bucket loads of more benefits. Their seamless surface means no grout cleaning and replacing! This doesn’t mean that once concrete floors are installed that you can leave them for six months and wipe them over, they’ll still need to be maintained. However, they are ten times easier. All that’s required is a quick sweep with a micro-fibre dust mop to get rid of the dust. For more information regarding the maintenance read our Cleaning and Caring for Polished Concrete blog.


Value Adding

Polished concrete floors are an excellent investment for your home as they add significant value to your property. If you plan to sell your home in the future, a polished concrete floor will be a major selling point for potential buyers. Not only is polished concrete durable and low maintenance, but it is also an aesthetically pleasing flooring solution that leaves a beautiful impression in the mind of prospective buyers.

The unique finishes of polished concrete floors can set your home apart from others in the neighbourhood, making it stand out in the competitive housing market. As a trendy and sought-after flooring solution, polished concrete is a great choice for anyone looking to add value and style to their home.

concrete floors changed to polished concreteOutdoor polished concrete bench


Environmentally Friendly

At Designer Floors, our polishing process does not involve any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). This means that even through the installation phase the concrete floors cause very little environmental stress or waste.


Temperature Regulation

In Perth, where temperatures can fluctuate greatly between summer and winter months, it is crucial to have a temperature regulating system in your home. Fortunately, polished concrete can help with this. It is a common belief that concrete floors can make homes cold during winter, however, this is a misconception as polished concrete is actually a type of thermal mass material. When exposed to sunlight during the day, concrete floors absorb warmth, which they then release at night. This happens because concrete is a thermal mass material that operates on a 12-hour cycle. Therefore, polished concrete can keep your home warm during the night by utilizing the warmth it absorbed during the day. Additionally, during summer months, polished concrete absorbs the cooler temperatures at night and releases them during the day, which ensures that your home stays at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Using polished concrete in your home can therefore help you save on your energy bills as it often reduces the need for heating and cooling systems.


Perfect match for children

Polished Concrete floors are hypo allergenic, meaning that they don’t trap dirt, mould, or grime at all. Seeing as Australia has some of the highest rates of Asthma in the world, polished concrete floors are the perfect solution for homes with children. To read more about all the benefits concrete floors bring to the home, continue reading our “Concrete Floors and Children” blog.


Fluid Style

We know that in life the only thing that is constant is change. Our styles, interests and likes are nothing different! An added benefit of having polished concrete floors is their fluid style. The sleek and eye-catching feature adapts to any style around it, meaning that whatever the flavor of the month is – your floors are always going to look incredible, and match the space. Additionally, the fluid style of polished concrete floors means that they can seamlessly transition from one room to the next without any jarring visual interruptions. This creates a cohesive and consistent look throughout your home, which can add to the overall aesthetic appeal and value of your property.

By choosing polished concrete floors, you can be confident that your flooring will remain stylish and versatile for years to come, no matter how your interior design preferences may change.

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Perth’s Polished Concrete Flooring Experts

If you’re considering various flooring options and would like to know more about Polished Concrete Flooring our team at Designer Floors would love to help. Find out if this unique and distinctive flooring option is right for you. Contact us for a free consultation!