Polished Concrete – The Stylish Addition To Your Home


They say that design trends come and go, but true style is ageless. When it comes to choosing design features for your new or renovated home, it is crucial ensuring the choices being made are timeless, neutral and stylish. Polished Concrete is the type of product that not only has sophisticated appeal, but will also remain stylish in the long run. With its durable, versatile and practical features, there is no question why polished concrete floors are the perfect and stylish addition to your home.


Add style to your home with Designer Floors

The beauty of Polished Concrete is that it adds a stylish flare to the interior and exterior of your home. Whether you like the sleek industrial theme, or a soft elegant style – Polished Concrete can help in achieving all design preferences.

The industrial and warehouse style is definitely a trend that’s incredibly popular- due to its timeless, effortless and incredibly sophisticated appeal. We can confidently say, the best way to accomplish this stylish design trend, is starting from the ground-up.

Decorative, Stylish Home With Concrete Floor

The Polished Concrete Choices are Endless

At Designer Floors, the choices for Polished Concrete aren’t limited – meaning we will find the right flooring solution for your space. There are industrial, commercial and premium styles to choose from, as well as the choice of concrete finish, which are HiPERFLOOR Mechanical Polished Concrete, Acrylic and Outdoor. However, if this all sounds like a bit of a blur to you, be rest assured that the experts at Designer Floors can assist and guide you every step of the way, especially in achieving the best outcome for your home.


honed and polished concretesperth polished concreteacrylic polished concrete floors

It’s not only about the looks

They say looks will only get you so far, and we agree! Polished Concrete looks beautiful; however, it doesn’t stop there. What makes Polished Concrete an all-rounder, is the fact that it is an affordable, durable, low maintenance and stylish product. If you haven’t read our blog on the benefits of Polished Concrete we highly recommend you do- merely because like we said, it goes further than just looks! Practical Home Benefits.


If you’re considering various flooring options and would like to know more about Polished Concrete Flooring our team at Designer Floors would love to help. Find out if this unique and distinctive flooring option is right for you. Contact us for a free consultation!


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