What is Concrete Grinding and Why is it Important?

What is Concrete Grinding and Why is it Important?

At Designer Floors our signature look is polished concrete. What most people don’t know is that we can grind any concrete surface to prepare it for not only polished concrete, but for any alternative flooring option.

Most people don’t understand the difference and therefore don’t see the benefits of grinding concrete. We’ll take you through the process!


What is concrete grinding?

Concrete grinding is using an abrasive tool, like the Husqvarna Hiperfloor machine, in combination with a diamond attachment on rough concrete surfaces to reveal a smooth finish.

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Grinding concrete can be done either wet or dry. At Designer Floors, we prefer to grind under wet conditions to reduce the negative impacts of the dust on our health.

Why is it important?

Prior to floorboards or tiles being installed, the concrete beneath can be rough uneven and even have paint or epoxies on it. Making installing various flooring on top of it can be difficult. Once grinding has taken place and the smooth surface is revealed installing any alternative flooring option is easy.

Preparing the floors prior to the application of tiles or hardwood is the single biggest way to ensure the longevity of the floors. It is especially important if the floors are going to be polished, as the quality of the concrete will show through.

Advantages of grinding concrete

Restore concrete surfaces

Grinding concrete removes all imperfections and inconsistencies in the concrete, resulting in a smooth and usable surface. Old and damaged concrete surfaces can be restored to their former glory and used for years and years to come.


Remove paint, epoxies, dirt

Grinding removes paint, epoxies, dirt and other remnants left on the concrete. The grinder rubs against the top layer of the floor leaving a smooth surface.


Improves Safety

Concrete grinding can enhance safety by transforming a rough and damaged floor into a smooth, hard surface, reducing the risk of injury for homeowners and visitors. Additionally, when applied to driveways, it can create a quieter and more slip-resistant surface for vehicles.


Easily install flooring (tiles, floorboards, carpets etc.)

Once the grinding has been completed and the smooth surface is left, any type of flooring option can be installed with ease. Floor preparation is key in the longevity of any kind of flooring option.


Improving surface reflectivity

Grinding can improve the reflectivity of polished concrete floors, creating a brighter and more attractive surface.


Cost effective option

Grinding an existing concrete slab is more cost-effective than removing and installing a new one. Additionally, it can save money on the installation of other flooring systems which require a level and even surface for proper installation. Installing tiles or timber over an uneven surface can also be difficult and costly as the installers attempt to make the surface level. By grinding down the concrete to a smooth surface, you can save money in the long run.


Perfect for warehouses

For warehouses or homes concrete is the ultimate flooring option. We’ve spoken about the benefits for the home and for the kids, but concrete floors is also an ideal suface for warehouses. Grinding concrete ensures that the floors are in perfect working condition. It ensures not only the longevity of the floor but its durability given the high traffic nature of a warehouse.

warehouse concrete floors


Designer Floors concrete grinding

Whether you’re looking to prepare your concrete floors for polishing, or preparing the surface for an alternative flooring option then Designer Floors have got it covered.

Contact us today to see how we can help you grind your concrete floors.